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Hi.  I'm a computer consultant, pilot, business manager, and dad.  Check out these pages for more information:   Here are some miscellaneous pages I've put together, mostly just for fun, but some are useful.
IFR Departure from SQL Tips to help simplify departing from San Carlos under Instrument Flight Rules.
IFR GPS Scenarios Situations pilots using a GPS while flying IFR may want to think about before they happen in flight.
Moffett Airshow Pics from the NASA Ames Air & Space celebration 2004 at Moffett.
Geronimo! Lilly and Dave landing at Palo Alto.
Ways to improve Dentrix Enhancement requests for the Dentrix dental practice management software.
Anderson Creek Inn The Mother's Day trip to Boonville. Beautiful!
STS-107 Trip Our trip journal for the launch of STS-107!
KPAO Info Lots of info about flying into and out of Palo Alto Airport.
Fun Photos Some of my favorite pictures. Let me know if you like them!
Florida Vacation The tale of two weeks we spent in steamy Florida in July. Checkout the wildlife shots.
Givi install How I installed a Givi E52 Monokey topbox on my BMW K1200RS.
David's birthday party The big 2002 party, featuring special guest creatures!
Fetch The Werle Bird Story of picking up Jim Werle's "new" Bonanza from Denver.
OSH 2000 Rich & Deb's adventures flying to EAA's Airventure (Oshkosh).
Mooney run One of many trips out to Stockton with Mooney buddies flying visiting Top Gun.
Aviation Oxygen Dr. Robert Carlson writes about how the body uses oxygen at high altitudes.
Space Shuttle Mission Info about the first space mission for Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, STS-87
Prime Triangle Playing around with using Java to find and display prime numbers.

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