Rich Acuff's Page

Rich Acuff

Hi. I'm a computer consultant, pilot, business manager, and dad. Check out these pages for more information:

Here are some miscellaneous pages I've put together, mostly just for fun, but some are useful.​​

  • IFR Departure from SQL - Tips to help simplify departing from San Carlos under Instrument Flight Rules.

  • IFR GPS Scenarios - Situations pilots using a GPS while flying IFR may want to think about before they happen in flight.

  • Moffett Airshow - Pics from the NASA Ames Air & Space celebration 2004 at Moffett.

  • Geronimo! - Lilly and Dave landing at Palo Alto.

  • Ways to Improve Dentrix - Enhancement requests for the Dentrix dental practice management software.

  • Anderson Creek Inn - The Mother's Day trip to Boonville. Beautiful!

  • STS-107 Trip - Our trip journal for the launch of STS-107!

  • KPAO Info - Lots of info about flying into and out of Palo Alto Airport.

  • Fun Photos - Some of my favorite pictures. Let me know if you like them!

  • Florida Vacation - The tale of two weeks we spent in steamy Florida in July. Checkout the wildlife shots.

  • Givi install - How I installed a Givi E52 Monokey topbox on my BMW K1200RS.

  • David's birthday party - The big 2002 party, featuring special guest creatures!

  • Fetch The Werle Bird - Story of picking up Jim Werle's "new" Bonanza from Denver.

  • OSH 2000 - Rich & Deb's adventures flying to EAA's Airventure (Oshkosh).

  • Mooney run - One of many trips out to Stockton with Mooney buddies flying visiting Top Gun.

  • Aviation Oxygen - Dr. Robert Carlson writes about how the body uses oxygen at high altitudes.

  • Space Shuttle Mission - Info about the first space mission for Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, STS-87

  • Prime Triangle - Playing around with using Java to find and display prime numbers.