Los Altos Dental Services

Preventive Dentistry and Gum Care, One-Visit Crowns, Sleep Apnea, and lots more!

Amy Guthrie, DDS is much more than a drill-fill-&-bill dentist; we will partner with you. Our job is to give you the tools and information you need to make the decisions and take the actions that are right for YOU and YOUR individual oral health. Not everybody is the same.

  • Dialog: listen to your concerns and help find the best way to address them; give you the information you need about ALL of your options, including doing nothing.

  • Diagnosis: we use the most effective technology and techniques, such as Diagnodent, TScan, and enhanced digital x-rays to pinpoint not only the problem but WHY the problem happened so we can work to keep it from happening again.

  • Prevention: we’ve spent years building up a collection of tricks and techniques to allow us to find just the right thing that works for you with your particular mouth and your particular life. From helping your find ways to make flossing fit into your life to using laser decontamination and localized antibiotics to fight periodontal disease, we can help.

  • Fast and easy repairs: if you have a cavity or other problem that needs a repair, Dr. Amy can do one-visit crowns with CEREC, increase comfort using a Laser in place of a drill, and use the most effective and beautiful materials available.

  • Sleep apnea: we can help you figure out if sleep apnea could be a problem for you, and help you find out about options for dealing with it. If an oral appliance is the right thing for you, we can make it for you.

  • More: Dr. Amy appreciates that people who concentrate on one area get really good at it. She works closely with people who specialize in orthodontics, gums, extractions, implants, root canals, etc., and if you need those services, she will make sure you get to someone who will be the best fit for you and will communicate with the specialists to make sure they get the information they need, and we get the information we need back from them.